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Mis-Shits Online


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You people ask, we answer. Got more that haven't been answered here? Email them to Adam Rotten at .

Are you guys making fun of the Misfits? Do you hate them?
Hell no! We love the Misfits! Doyle is a king among men! GARCIA WAS A BLOODY EMPERROR! We put the fiend skull over a piece of crap because we found that funny at the time. We're the Mis-Shits because that's what we sound like, shit.
Why don't you get a drummer or a bassist?
We're too cool for both. We don't need them. Percussion is all they are, not PURE ROCKING. No, actually we'd like to have them, but we don't know any that live close, and they're all in other bands the ones we do know. They suck.
What's with the little slogans at the bottom of each page?
I like to play with the name of the only Sex Pistols' studio album. It's just extra bonus for those who read to the bottom of the pages.
Are you guys racist?
No! Not at all. We think all people are equal and none is superior. We just think the ''n word'' sounds funny. It rhymes with trigger and figure. We like the sound of the word, it's funny to us, not the connotation.
Who's Fat John?
He's a mysterious man who lives in my (Adam) house. In some songs, he burst into the room while we were recording, and we didn't want to stop recording so we let him sing background vocals, which he did anyway, without our asking.

Nevermind the Bollocks! It's the Sex Shitsols!