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The Mis-Shits immerged in a ball of fire, but some other events occurred before that, read on to discover them.

I, Adam Rotten, met Chris Decay a long time ago. Chris has always been one of my most eccentric friends, and by far one of the most interesting. It has always been bursting with ideas, and foul language, which he often fused together to form classic things. He really has no respect for anyone, I've seen him call his mother a ''fat ho'' '', seen him insult pretty much everyone, and basically do whatever he pleases at all times.

Some time ago, Chris and I were in a band called Crotchmasters, which was quite possibly the best band of all time (the Mis-Shits are second only to that band). In that band, we learned the process of recording and the things that go along with it. We recorded about 14 tracks with Crotchmasters, featuring loveable characters like ''Gay Guy'', ''Dudes'' and ''Mon Mothma.'' At one point, we just outgrew Crotchmasters however, I feel we thought it wasn't hardcore enough for us.
Though after the break up of Crotchmasters, I feel we both had some residual feelings about it. We loved recording music together, and we produced classic stuff, like our (arguably) best song, ''Cheese Doodles'' based on a joke from Family Guy. Suffice to say, some time after Crotchmasters, Chris got into punk, Misfits, Rancid, the whole kit and kaboodle, and eventually so did I. I had been listening to Slipknot, Disturbed and all those hardcore bands, and was a metalhead, but eventually I got into punk too, but NOFX and Rancid just weren't heavy or hardcore enough for me, so I gradually started listening to harder stuff, like A Global Threat and Casualties and some Straight Edge stuff like Minor Threat, and all the greats of Punk, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Dead Kennedys, all of that stuff. And with our understanding of hardcore street punk, and metal, as Chris got into Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Pantera, we figured it was time to start a new band.
And in a burst of flame, the Mis-Shits were born. Chris and I had been jamming in my basement for a while, and realised we had learned a lot more than we knew, musically, since Crotchmasters, me on guitar and Chris vocallly and lyrically.
We practiced some songs, like ''Death'', which Chris had previously written, but did not know what kind of guitar to play with it (this was where I came in). We recorded ''Die Die Die My Bitch'' (the title a vulgurisation of Die Die Die My Darling, by the Misfits), which was the shortest song I have ever recorded, yet which packs a strong punch. We then recorded ''Death',, and some other songs that we wrote, like ''Dreams''. ''Rebellion'' was a cover of a song Chris had previously played solo.
The night of the 16th of January, we decided to hold a little concert, we figured we'd been playing a few hours, that was enough. My family and Chris' family formed the audience on that night, making a total of 8 people. That night, we blasted through ''Death'', ''Dreams'' and ''Rebellion'' before asking if there were any requests. My sister and Chris' sister wanted to hear ''Sk8r boi'' by Avril Lavigne, and Chris and I figured ''Why the hell not?'' and we blasted through a hardcore version of it, which was miraculously recorded. At the end of the song Chris says, making fun of Avril, ''I-I'm a poseur!''. Don't any of you dare think we are fans of her.
The next day, (January 17th) Chris Decay and I figured we'd do some improvised accoustic stuff, so we recorded it all, and it was all full of spontaneity and energy, the same that filled our live recordings of ''Skater boy'' and the other live ones.
What's in store for the Mis-Shits? You'll just have to wait and find out. Check the site for more cool stuff.

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Never mind the bullcocks, it's the Mis-Shits!