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Mis-Shits Online


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Learn about the members of The Mis-Shits.


Name: Adam Rotten
Instrument: Rhythm guitar, lead rhythm guitar, background vocals.
Played in: Son of a Beach, Fansuck, Crotchmasters, Sirius, Mis-Shits
Adam loves hardcore music, and his guitar riffs are pounding and full when they need to be, yet soft and haunting when he wills it, sometimes right after each other. He has played in several bands, but currently plays in Sirius, where he plays lead guitar and sings, and The Mis-Shits, on lead guitar.


Name: Chris Decay
Instrument: guitar, lead vocals.
Played in: Crotchmasters, Mis-Shits
Chris loves punk and Metal, like Adam. He is very good at improvising songs about any topic, and likes to write gruesome and haunting lyrics. He can go between singing and deep growling, seamlessly.

(no picture)
Name: Fat John
Instrument: Background vocals
Played in: Sky, The Ravalers
Not Much is known about Fat John. He randomly appears providing back up vocals in some songs. He sings in a high pitched wail of a voice. He is highly elusive.

Nevermind the balls and cocks, it's the Mis-Shits!